Science Notebooks


1. Observe (use 5 senses)

2. Hypothesis (be able to test it)

3. Predict (using data from past situations or experiments)

4. Infer (use evidence to support your conclusion)

5. Measure ( use intruments not just estimation)

6. Classify ( vary depending on the topic: color/shape/number of ... / texture/ density/ biomes, etc)

7. Organize (order / sequence / grouping / diagrams / table / T charts, etc)

8. Compare ( use variety or graphic organizers)

9. Analyze (relate information to each other)

10. Interpret (change visuals into words:written explanation)


1. Class meet in a circle on the floor to have a discussion about the topic covered

2. Record notes using one of the Note Taking strategies taught in class

3. Share with class your written notes