Physical Science


Pretend you are a water drop. Write a story that describes your life as a liquid, solid or gas. Describe what it was like to free fall to the ground as precipitation. Tell the reader How you became an icyle. Start from: a. the time you were a tiny drop in ocean waves ; b. the time you were water vapor in the clouds; c. the time you were underground water


Sensory / Descriptive

Write 3 fun riddles for your classmates.  First one describe a solid. Give details about the physical properties of the object: Size, shape, texture, where you find it, color, type of edges. DO NOT TELL what the object is.  Repeat for liquid, and gas.


Sensory/ Descriptive

Prompt: You spend a wonderful and funny time with a friend because she/he is moving to another state.  You agree to keep waving until the airplane  cannot be seen. Describe what it was like watching that gigantic airplane go higher and higher and further away until it looks very small in the sky! Provide lots of details.


Immaginative / Narrative

Gravity is gone from Planet Earth.  Everything is floating, even in school.  How will this change the way you play during recess time? Write a story about you "survive" in this environment.



Select a word of your choice, create a drawing to show the meaning of the word and write 4 sentences summarizing the concept behind it.