Mustang News Cast

2016-2017 Mustang News Cast


Anchors     Anchors


Matthys is proud for Gaby, Aaron, Suzy, Deanna, Melissa, and Emely.  They do a wonderful job broadcasting our daily announcements to all students and staff.

Broadcast Engineer:

   Broadcast engineer           Broadcast engineer

Joshua and Jose are Matthys' Broadcast Engineers.  They control the broadcast behind the scenes.

Sound Engineer:

Sound Engineer        Sound Engineer

Jovanny and Benjamin 
are Matthys' sound engineers.  They control sound for our morning announcements.       

Video Engineer:

video engineer     sound engineer                                  

Dayanara, and Pamela
are Matthys' Video Engineers.  They edit and prepare videos needed for the broadcast.

Production Assistants:

                            production assistants            

Alberto is Matthys' Production Assistant. He make sure the entire broadcast is running smoothly.